Manage and Maintain

“When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order.” – Proverbs 28:2

In 2002 I left the classroom to work with students directly in a program called Peer Mediation. The time I spent outside the classroom gave me insight and understanding on what is on the mind of some students both in and outside of the classroom. Some of what I learned helped me to understand why it is difficult for some students to focus while they’re in the classroom because of the amount of information they allow to occupy their mind during the school day. Also, with a growing number of students in foster care and a higher rate of students needing accomodations within the classroom setting, it is amazing any instruction takes place at all.

I returned to the classroom in the fall of 2010. The transition was challenging moreso because I had to recapture the passion for teaching I thought I left behind when I first left the classroom not expecting to return. Greater than my frustration with the many challenges I faced within the school community and regaining my confidence and comfort level to teach effectively, I understood I had to recapture the love for teaching I once had if I was going to sustain long term success. Without passion teaching is an arduous task. I have a greater appreciation for those who serve as educators and are passionate about their profession understanding what teachers face in their efforts to teach, influence and inspire learning.

As the fall of 2011 transitioned into winter and I was now transitioning into my 2nd school community in 2 years due to having my position cut because of budgetary reasons I decided I had to sharpen my focus. In my prayer time I began to repeat the refrain of being positive and productive (my students too) and being successful in managing my students and maintaining order. By faith and grace, God has given me authority, strength and power to take possession of every place He sets me over and places me in. I believe this because He told Joshua He would give him every place he set his foot. Once I accepted the reality of transitioning back into the classroom after 10 years and making the concious choice to recapture the passion of being an educator I rejoice in watching God reward my faith, by His grace, to help me progress, succeed and prosper in my role as an educator in the classroom.

May God give you the strength, power, endurance, wisdom and passion to make the difference He has destined and empowered you to make to teach, influence and inspire learning.


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