Stand Firm

“When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” – Proverbs 10:25

During the transition of my reentry back into the classroom I have discovered I not only had to recapture my passion (joy) for teaching, but I also needed to reclaim the spiritual equilibrium that would empower me to be successful and prosperous. Hindering the progress of this process was the internal frustration I had to overcome in facing the reality of having to return. Once I accepted that through much prayer and wrestling internally until I pinned those thoughts and emotions to the mat I received the grace, internal resolve and spiritual fortitude needed to experience success and prosperity with the progress I sought to make in managing my students and maintaining order.

First I started with deliberate and intentional prayer about my disposition in being positive and productive and my mission in maintaining order and managing my classroom and including my students in those prayers. Praying about my students prevents me from seeing them and treating them as adversaries and challenges me to strive in using God’s wisdom and grace to influence them to become allies with me in creating a positive productive classroom environment. Understanding all may not be willing to become allies, I can still employ strategies that will keep me positive minded towards them despite their negative behavior. Love is patient and kind.

As I have progressed in striving to be successful in maintaining the proper focus and positive attitude I have received the insight, inspiration and wisdom from God to help me grow in my confidence and comfort level in maintaing order and managing my classroom. Through the inspiration of scripture I am reminded by God of the promise He made to Joshua of receving the territory of every place he sets his foot, which for me means I have been blessed with the authority of God’s word and the anointing of His Holy Spirit to have dominion over my classroom and not the negative behaviors of student misconduct. By the authority of Christ who lives in me and works through me by His Spirit I am challenged to work by faith to allow the light of God’s person, presence and power to influence me and my students to experience the success and prosperity He promises to those who seek Him sincerely. David declared in the Psalms that with his God he could advance against a troop and scale a wall and though an army besiege him he would not fear and if war broke out against him he would still be confident. May God help you to feel the same in the classroom!

May God grant you the strength of His Spirit and the power from His word to stand firm and declare success and prosperity in your prayers and classroom as you progress in your efforts to teach, influence and inspire learning.


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an inspired writer seeking to become a distinguished published author.
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