“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” – Matthew 9:36 NIV

After posting Disposition I received the inspiration from the scripture regarding the outcome of allowing my disposition to be changed in having the same attitude as that of Jesus Christ. Today’s scripture reference for this post illustrates the heart of God seen through the eyes of Christ towards others. I rejoice in knowing when my heavenly Father looks at me He looks with eyes of compassion and mercy with a motivation to come to my aid to help me and make things better. As a follower of Christ, and my role as an educator, I am held to the same standard as Christ’s attitude towards my students. When I choose to operate with the same disposition as Christ I am empowered to affect positive change within the classroom and the hearts of my students. As I learn to consistently humble myself and strive to operate by the principles of scripture I can see the influence of God’s presence in how I seek to engage and influence my students to listen and learn.

Early in my career, I only worked well with the students I liked, but I was efficient in correcting students I did not necessarily get along with (or like). By my 9th year, however, I felt like I had finally made the transition into becoming a classroom teacher that was more balanced in how I interacted with all of my students. The more I accepted the students for who they were instead of trying to make them behave I found my ability to influence them became less stressful and adversarial. I was learning to win them as allies and even if we did not get along we could respect the teacher-student relationship without being disagreeable. I realized returning to the classroom part of my frustration also included trying too hard, impatiently, to return to this place of success I knew as an educator prior to leaving the classroom. By my 9th year I felt like I had finally arrived to that place I desired to be as an educator in how I managed my classroom and maintained order. Now at the year and a half mark returning back to the classroom, I accepted seeing myself as a first year teacher that enabled me to be more patient with the process, eventhough my mind would struggle at times wrestling with remembering what it used to be like when.

At the end of this work week, I express with gladness to God how He has helped me and blessed me to progress, succeed and prosper in my effort to recapture the joy I had once before being an educator in the classroom. I thank Him for helping me remain patient and kind consistently towards my students during the process of this transition while remaining persistent, determined and diligent in my mission to teach, influence and inspire learning. Where I once was finding it difficult to enjoy coming to work, frustrated due to internal and external challenges I was facing in and outside the classroom the past 2 years; I experienced the long awaited feeling of being excited about coming to work! Great and awesome is His name and marvelous is His works and His deeds!

May God display His power and demonstrate His love towards you that will renew you, help you and bless you in your efforts to teach, influence and inspire learning.


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