Your Labor Prompted by Love

‘Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.’

– Bryant H. McGill

Someone once asked how I was able to come to work daily inspired and motivated to do what I do in working in education and I said to them resolutely, it’s because I love what I do. Returning to the classroom, I understaood if I was going to make a successful transition back into the classroom, I had to rediscover the love I had for being a classroom teacher. I thank God for His grace and goodness that helped me to recapture that joy and reclaim the authority an educator must walk in (confidence and comfortability) if they are going to thrive in the classroom. I salute all classroom teachers for their daily devotion to their craft and the passion they display in striving to teach, influence and inspire learning in the students they work with. I commend every classroom teacher who, in the face of adveristy, trial and tribulation, makes it their ambition to progress, succeed and prosper.

There was a time when the profession of teaching was esteemed, celebrated and revered on the same level as doctors and lawyers. How much has changed by today’s standards of how teachers are now being blamed for the ills of the system of education, which no one seems to consider sincerely both the community’s and society’s role with regard to assigning blame. Through it all I rejoice in the privilege of working alongside those whose labor prompted by love for what they do and those their love is directed towards in contributing to make this world a better place. Not often will anyone just take the time to say ‘Thank you,’ for what you do, or salute you for a job well done, not that you do what you do for that, but it’s good when it does happen and gives strength to keep going! Not to mention the personal sacrifice of time and resources you expend, sometimes to the detriment of your own family, for the cause of helping other people’s children. You responded to the call to serve in education and I salute you!

You may not be preserving our nation from the threat of foreign powers, but what you do contributes to the preservation of our nation and its future! You may not be highlighted on television and radio, celebrated and rewarded financially to the degree others are for what you do, but your contributions are no less significant. despite the many who diminish what you do and ridicule and suggest you don’t do enough I want to acknowledge you and say you are appreciated! Thank you educators for your labor prompted by love that continues to touch the lives of so many and make this world a better place!

May God continue to infuse you with His energy, strength, wisdom, peace and joy that will empower you and make you better to teach, influence and inspire learning.


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2 Responses to Your Labor Prompted by Love

  1. I taught in the classroom for a few years. It certainly requires the passion that grows out of a true sense of calling and love. I really appreciate your affirmation to teachers. And the post reminds me afresh of Col 3:17, “whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.” Thanks for sharing.

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