Your Work Produced by Faith

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”

– Michael Korda

After posting about the principle of momentum I have decided to pick it back up again due to my recent success I feel I am achiving in managing my classroom. I have been encouraged by the recent responses of my students who have shown me their commitment to making consistent positive choices that is making things enjoyable right now and refreshing in light of my posts and my current assignment outside the classroom in facilitating Cooperative Discipline workshops. I’ve always believed facilitating the workshops was a tremendous source of encouragement, even as a presenter, because you are engaged with other professional colleagues who are all striving to achieve the same goals in being more efficient and successful in managing student misconduct while also feeling empowered and effective as an educator in the classroom. What is most refreshing is just having the quality time to dialogue sincerely about legitimate professional concerns and identifying viable strategies that can be implemented and proven effective that makes us feel powerful and successful in our mission to educate.

I firmly believe now, that behavior is as much a priority for productive learning as preparing an effective lesson plan. Because of this, this challenges me to create effective strategies for how I am going to influence, motivate positive productive behavior from students so they can join hands with me in producing a positive classroom environment. Cooperative Discipline (by Dr. Linda Albert) invites teachers to establish a hands-joined disposition in seeking to motivate student participation in making consistent positive contributions to the classroom community. A hands-joined management style is where teacher and student, or parent and child, work together in a way that produces consistent positive results in what they collectively agree to achieve within the classroom with what is required and expected. It’s freedom with limits. It involves choices and accountability. It is understood that it should produce positive reults that benefit both stakeholders and production.

A hands-joined management style requires then, effective positive communication with both a clear, concise list of expectations; a system of accountability for consequences and strategies for encouragement that should include incentives, rewards and recognition in some manner. The strategies for encouragement can be summed up with 5 A’s: Acceptance, Affection, Affirmation, Appreciation and Attention. Along with momentum I am reflecting on the value of gentle/firm persistence as effective means of tools of influence to help motivate my students to make consistent positive choices.

My God empower you to join hands with your students to build a classroom community where together you thrive, achieve and succeed and you are allowed to teach, influence and inspire learning consistently.


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