I am an Educator

“My servant whom I have chosen.” -Isaiah 43:10b NIV

During a Cooperative Discipline workshop I was emboldened to declare and remind my professional colleagues to remember that they are educators and they should value what they do, even if no one else does.

Even if it appears what I do is diminshed in the eyes of others, I am an educator.

Even if my pay scale is not equal to my sacrifice, I am an educator.

Even if I am the one fingers are pointed at as the blame for the current state of the system of education, I am an educator.

Eventhough ‘thank you’s’ are rare, and ‘job well done,’ are not commonplace, I am an educator.

I am an educator. I am the one whose shoulders held up the success of many, but receive no acclaim to the degree of my influence.

I am an educator. Whose resolve, though tested is refined as gold and continues to produce quality craftsmanship not always measured by statistics and graphs.

I am an educator. Above and beyond 40+ hours a week, I am the one who shapes and molds, influences and instills value, esteem and honor. Outside my realm there is no merit except in the hearts of those who’ve received what I offer.

I am an educator. I am a servant to the nation. Though there are no parades for me and I may not sit in the places reserved for kings and dignitaries, I am there equal in what I contribute and possess.

I am an educator. Endowed with a gift to spark imagination, to lay the foundation for innovation and ensure the preservation of future generations.

I am an Educator.

May God instill within you the internal resolve and fortitude that will strengthen you and help you sustain momentum in your efforts to teach, influence and inspire learning.


About myimmanuel

an inspired writer seeking to become a distinguished published author.
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