Why did I become an Educator?

“The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity.”

– Maria Montessori

There was a time in our country when being an educator seemed as prestigious as being a lawyer or doctor and it still may very well be that way, but you wouldn’t know it by what you hear and see in the news and media. In some school communities, teachers are actually assaulted by parents. It would appear that ‘teachers’ are blamed more for what’s wrong with education today in comparison to being celebrated for all that they do that’s right.

Why did I become an educator!?

The role of an educator within society is much like that of a servant. A lot is invested and given, but not much is provided in return for all that we do. One should not have an ambition for money when considering the field of education. With all that may appear to be wrong with education today, however, it in no way diminishes my appreciation and admiration for the profession and those who serve as educators. I recently received an email from a parent thanking me for my influence on her child’s growth and development as an artist/designer, attributing their child’s new-found artistic ability to time spent in my class this past school year.

Why did I become an educator?

What was accomplished may not make the headlines of news and media outlets or celebrated nationally by dignitaries, politicians and prominent public figures, but one parent took the time to acknowledge the impact of an educator in the life of their child.

Why did I become an educator?

During my transition back into the classroom, over the past 3 years, it was my aspiration to overcome the frustration of returning and not become embittered so I would not be someone who no longer enjoyed the profession, or working with youth. It was a difficult transition, but by the grace of God, I was able to enjoy the process of returning to the classroom after my initial frustration and resistance to God’s will for my life as an educator.

Why did I become an educator?

Part of the process of recapturing the joy of being an educator required me to reflect back on the time when I originally spent my early years within the classroom and how I felt believing I would retire as an educator. Before leaving the classroom, I felt in my heart I would retire as an educator from the profession, because that’s how much I enjoyed it. Opportunity invited me to leave the classroom to experience a position I enjoyed just as much as being an educator. Eventually, I felt I could retire being a Peer Mediation Coordinator like I felt about being an educator.

Without a genuine affinity for children and passion for being an educator, it can be quite difficult to be successful in being an educator. A friend and colleague once explained to me that the moment I feel like I don’t need to know anything more about being an educator is when I should retire. Adaptability is to an educator like the utility belt is to Batman.

Why did I become an educator?

May God bless you and help you to progress, grow and develop in a manner that will help you to be positive and productive, maintain order and manage your classroom.


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