I will Survive

‘To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.’

– Colossians 1:29 NIV

For the past two years I have been blessed to work in what I consider to be an ideal school community. It is by no means perfect, but being here takes me back to where I started my career when I worked in what was considered the ‘country club,’ of middle schools in 1992. 22 years later, after transitioning to 3 different school communities within the past 4 years, I have returned to a ‘country club’ school community where I am currently. In 2010, my first year back in the classroom, I transitioned from an ideal position outside the classroom into a school community regarded as a ‘turnaround school.’ The stress alone associated with working there, I considered to be ‘two week’s worth of stress in one.’

In the fall of 2011, my 3rd school in 3 years from ’09-’11, brought me into a school community where, by the end of the year, the administrative team was replaced and by the end of the 2012-2013 school year, most of the staff had transferred. The past two years, from the fall of ’12 to the present, I am both fortunate and blessed to be in an environment that is structured, organized, supportive and the students work cooperatively consistently with the staff to create the harmony, positivity, and productivity  that allows for teaching and learning to occur.

I had to do a lot of soul-searching and go through a lot of paradigm shifts in transitioning back into the classroom after 10 years. I have since told God, ‘Had I known You were bringing me into the current school community, three years ago, I wouldn’t have fought, kicking and screaming as hard as I did.’ I felt like a child dragged out of the toy store kicking and screaming without what I wanted. Blogging actually helped me to embrace the proper, positive attitude and out look I would need to make the transition successfully back into the classroom. Having access to the internet only at work, I had to get to work to blog and the consistent positive experience with expressing myself, along with the positive feedback, helped me to forget, or focus less, about how I was feeling having to return to the classroom. I have since felt that God used blogging to help me reframe how I looked at returning to the classroom and accepting His will for me at this stage in my career as an educator. I will survive:)

May God bless you and help you to embrace the proper heart attitude that will position you to receive His grace and favor to excel, achieve, and succeed in your role as an educator.


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2 Responses to I will Survive

  1. Reblogged this on celestereille and commented:
    I came in willingly into my current post. Now I am gritting my teeth just to get through the last 4 months. If it wasn’t for the Lord, who is on my side at every turn, I would’ve turn tail and run. I really enjoyed reading this post from Cortland Jones. I now realized that perhaps this is a lesson in humility from God that I MUST pass if I want Him to work for me in getting me into the ideal school community. I too will survive….but only with God on my side.

    • myimmanuel says:

      I am happy to know His work through me is impacting/helping someone else. Returning to the classroom was difficult. Extremely challenging and hard to adjust to and anyone who knew me well heard my discontent about the transition. Grace and favor allowed me to end up where I am currently:-) Seeing God as no respecter of persons, I believe He will grant you the desires of your heart and I agree humility (surrender) will help you endure, persevere, overcome, and prevail until your breakthrough comes!

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