Still Standing

‘Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.’

– Psalm 91:1 NIV

Just like ‘Position of Victory’ came to me at the conclusion of last week, ‘Still Standing’ was the inspired thought that accompanied me as I transition into this weekend.

What constitutes a ‘good day’ for you as an educator?

As drained and depleted as I feel physically, I equally feel victorious and vindicated from the most recent opposition I encountered with a particular student I endured, persevered, and overcame conflict with that stretched over a two-week period. Amidst the disruption and disrespect, I sought to maintain order and manage the rest of the students through redirection, seat changes, parent chaperones, happy grams, and reteaching procedures, expectations, and current classwork assignments. I included current progress with grades to stimulate motivation in those who are motivated by their grades to continue to cooperate. Whew!

The end result: 1) return to normalcy, 2) reduction in classroom noise, 3) increase in demonstration of self-efficacy, 4) isolated misconduct to one student, 5) stress level lowered, 6) ability to influence restored, 7) professional confidence & motivation reinvigorated!

Yesterday one student said to another, ‘Man, stay on task so you can come and sit with me at my table!’ Separating the disengaged students enabled them to engage and isolate the unwilling from those who are. The one student who sought to persuade his peer to get on task soon had a stronger ‘voice’ than the one initiating opposition against me. It was rewarding to see the impact of applied practices in effective classroom management strategies/interventions despite the intensity of the conflict occurring in opposition to my desire to instruct.

With patience, persistence, perseverance, endurance, and a resolve to stand firm against the onslaught of misconduct I witnessed the wisdom and authority of God’s word manifest when it says, ‘In a rebellious country there are many rulers, but a man of knowledge and understanding maintains order.’ – Proverbs 28:2 NIV It’s one of my favorite passages of scripture in relation to my role as an educator in maintaining order and managing my students. It’s what makes me believe my role as a classroom teacher is as much about managing people as it is about delivering instruction.

As challenging, frustrating, and unsettling as those circumstances were and felt, the past two days have been most rewarding and enjoyable. I liken it to Jesus speaking to the storm saying, ‘Peace. Be still.’ The LORD cares that I perish:-)

May the God bless you and help you to continue to stand firm in the face of oppositional forces and obstacles that work against your genuine motivation and enthusiasm to teach.


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