Out of the Darkness: A Journey into the Marvelous Light

Discover God’s plan, purpose, fulfillment, power, and glory revealed in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and experience the elevated, expanded, exponential lifestyle encountered through walking by faith!

Inspired to share His grace, my 9 year journey in writing Out of the Darkness has culminated in the successful completion of my first book. Intended to be written as a devotional for my church family, Out of the Darkness took on a life of its own during the course of writing beginning in 2005. The idea to write the devotional for the church explaining the subject of salvation first came in 2000.

In 2005, struggling with depression and the reality of a failed marriage, I was influenced by the writing style of author Max Lucado, and I declared, ‘I want to write like that!’ At the time, I was reading Max Lucado’s interpretation of the woman with the issue of blood and the manner in which he wrote it made me connect with her and his style (descriptive, poetic, engaging) and it motivated me to begin the journey that culminated in the fulfillment of publishing Out of the Darkness. In 2005, my divorce was final and my desire was simply to get to a ‘better place’ in life, much like the woman with the issue of blood.

Over the years, the woman with the issue of blood, along with Peter stepping out of the boat on the sea of Galilee, has become symbolic to me of someone that is determined and deliberate about encountering something greater, better, and new in life. Faith in God and ambition for wellness and wholeness compelled the woman with the issue of blood to encounter a closer proximity to Jesus that touched, changed, and transformed her into what she believed in her heart God would do in her life! She had to press her way through the crowd, push forward pass the pain and discomfort of the past, and persevere beyond the reality of twelve years of misfortune and misery until she could touch Jesus in the way that brought about transformation!

Peter’s encounter with Jesus walking on the water began with a compelling also, believing that being in closer proximity with Jesus was better than remaining in the ‘comfort zone’ of life, or in Peter’s case, the boat. Keep in mind the other 11 disciples were with him in the boat that day. Faith will prompt me to do what others will not and take risks and make sacrifices others are unwilling to do and make.

The desire of being with Jesus prompted Peter to step out, by faith, into the unknown, unsettling circumstances, believing in Christ’s power to sustain him, preserve, and protect him. Only when he doubted, did Peter fail to accomplish what he was inspired in his heart to do. Peter was willing to take the risk of what faith requires in order to experience, in life, the power God desires to manifest in and through those who respond to Him and His word!

There is something greater, better, and new in store for everyone who believes, is willing to take action, and put themselves in position for the opportunity to encounter something miraculous and impossible!

Inspired to share His grace!

'Darkness should be embraced as a means to overcome it.'

‘Darkness should be embraced as a means to overcome it.’


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