Fulfillment in the Classroom

‘Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.’

– Tony Robbins

What would you define as ‘fulfillment in the classroom?’ 

What causes you to have that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?

Is fulfillment in your classroom tied solely to academic achievement?

Would a greater demonstration of student self-efficacy be considered ‘fulfillment in the classroom?’

How do you teach a child to encounter their own sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with their work when they struggle to learn and achieve academic fulfillment?

How is ‘fulfillment in the classroom’ measured when struggling to manage a difficult student or class?

I have communicated to my students behavior is as important to me as the classwork. Fulfillment academically is almost impossible to encounter without fulfillment in self-efficacy. There are students who earn A’s without any effort, but may not consistently display appropriate classroom conduct. Then you have students who sweat to earn D’s & C’s, but will give you an honor roll demonstration of student self-efficacy.

Today a student said to me, ‘Oh no, Mr. Jones! You will not hear about me misbehaving in this teacher’s class. I like her. I am quiet in her class.’ As if to say, ‘You won’t hear about me misbehaving in that class Mr. Jones, but I can’t promise you I’ll behave in every class.’

That statement reinforced to me the premise of Cooperative Discipline, by Author Dr. Linda Albert, that students choose their own behavior.

When you have different students making different choices on a daily basis, is it possible to achieve ‘fulfillment in the classroom’ every day?

I believe how ‘fulfillment in the classroom’ is defined and measured by me determines more whether it is achieved than how any one student chooses to behave.

May God bless you and help you to encounter fulfillment in its various forms that promote self-efficacy and academic progress, success, and achievement in the classroom.


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