I Will Progress, Succeed, & Achieve as an Educator: My Declaration

‘I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession.’

– John Wooden

I learned to share in the classroom management workshops I facilitated, ‘No matter whether anyone else validates, or affirms me in my role, I will affirm myself, both as a professional and an educator.’ I may never receive the full acknowledgement or applause for what I do, but I will not diminish myself in my own eyes regardless of what everyone else around me says!

Though I have not posted lately, I am filled with amazement and awe in seeing how time and God has unfolded before me an amazing transition and journey since returning to the classroom in the fall of 2010! When I reflect back on my own personal internal disposition when I initially returned to the classroom feeling disillusioned, disgruntled, and disapproving of having to take the journey, I can now laugh and chuckle at the previous perspective seeing how grace and God has unveiled a greater purpose beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

The past 3 years, after transitioning from one school to another for 3 consecutive school years, I have settled into my current school community feeling a greater sense of fulfillment beyond anything I could have ever imagined comparative to what I had encountered previously prior to leaving the classroom in 2001. Looking back, from the fall of 2010 up to today, grace and an internal disposition understanding my need to be accepting of God’s greater purpose and plan for me is what has allowed me to experience the fullness of what I am experiencing now, in the classroom as an educator, then could have been imagined , or anticipated.

The personal, positive self-talk I ascribed to that helped me, by grace, to stand in the current ‘place of fulfillment and satisfaction’ I feel, despite the strong sense of discouragement felt previously can be attributed to: 1) reminding myself I did not want to become an embittered professional having a negative disposition towards my students, 2) sincerely and actively seeking to remain elevated in my thinking with the appropriate positive perspective in order to see the ‘silver lining’ within my circumstances, 3) being determined to apply the strategies, practices, and skills learned, while being open-minded to making the necessary adjustments to the ‘new reality’ of the current classroom/school community environment different to what I was accustomed to previously, 4) actively embracing ‘new professional language’ associated with systemic change enabling me to remain informed and confident about my role and responsibility in today’s school community climate.

Embracing change has afforded me the privilege of now teaching graphic design (with access to 32 MacIntosh computers in my classroom, implementing a new literacy initiative this year to help promote and celebrate literacy that has caught the attention of our city’s mayor and his attendance at our kickoff event in october 2014, co-sponsoring a female mentoring program I once established while outside the classroom that is also being established as a non-profit by one of the former students who participated in the first implemented program, and engaging again in the role I held outside the classroom as the Peer Mediation Coordinator with the potential of leaving the classroom again in the future).

No matter how difficult the day, or dark the moment, believe in yourself and your role as an educator. Be determined to progress, succeed, prosper, and achieve as an educator! The light of your role and your passion for inspiring, influencing, and instilling knowledge is making a difference despite what others say or believe!

May you receive the necessary insight, wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to aid, help, and support you in being effective, positive, and productive in your role as an educator, by God’s grace!

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